Your Home Relaxation Specialists        Since 1968 Aaaahhh... Your very own backyard oasis. Fun in the sun with your family and friends. Sounds great, doesn't it? You bet it does!   If you’re not completely sure what type of pool to purchase, below are some points to ponder that may help. Above-Ground Pools: Above-ground pools are typically the least expensive types you can purchase. They are the summer-fun answer for those who don't want to make the larger commitment of an in-ground pool. If you move, you can take your pool with you, give it to a friend or even sell it. Or, you can leave it as a benefit for the next owner of your home. If you're ready for a ton of backyard fun, but aren't quite ready for a permanent structure in your yard, then an above ground pool may be the way to go. Semi-In Ground Pools: Semi-In Ground pools have gained in popularity in the last decade.  Originally these pools were conceived for installation into yards with a steep grade where a traditional above ground pool could not be safely installed.  In most situations, they negate the need of expensive retaining walls.  In more recent years, customers have been combining semi-in ground pools with extensive decking or patio projects to get an in ground look or at least a more “ seamless” look than a traditional above ground would provide. In Ground Pools: In-ground pools are more expensive than above ground, but they are also a permanent home improvement. They add aesthetic, as well as intrinsic, value to your home. And when it comes time to sell your house, an in-ground pool is generally more appealing to potential buyers.  In ground pools range from play pools with depths of 3-to-5 feet to diving pools with deeper depths appropriate for the divers in your family. Before you purchase an in ground pool, you need to think about how your family will use it. Do they like to play a lot of water sports? Then maybe a play pool with sports set-ups is the answer. Do they like to swim laps? Perhaps a rectangular design is best for you. Or do you have a combination of swimmers and splashers? How about an L-shaped pool so everyone is happy? Thinking about usage and then designing with those needs in mind is the key to building an in ground pool that your entire family will be happy with for years to come. You can have the look of a vacation resort-right in your own backyard! You’ll find your children spending more time at home. You’ll also find the whole family more energized, from the most casual dip to the most rigorous workouts. Just steps from your back door you’ll find the challenge of obtaining better personal health and body fitness. And you’ll find an ideal environment for making the very most of the little things in life. A birthday becomes a party. A meeting becomes relaxed and productive. And what used to be idle time, becomes a neighborly gathering, a friendly card game or a teen get together and so on. Your new swimming pool will be a joy for years to come, enhancing your family’s lifestyle and adding value to your home. We believe the end result of your relationship with Eagle Pool & Spa should be your family enjoying the pool you dream of at a value price, and we are dedicated to helping each customer achieve that goal.